Saturday, November 03, 2007

What's New in October

Fewer updates on the girls. I have took up a 6 months course on Human Resource Mgmt certification. Need to attend classes every Wednesday. Took up the challenge since it is sponsored by my Company.

Also, recently catching the HK drama 'The Drive of Life', 60 episodes. Well, juggling working and taking care the girls, sneaking time to watch the drama is not easy. Compared to 'childless' time, can easily complete the drama in 2 weeks. Now i wonder how long it will take me..:)

Build up a new passion on Aromatherapy. Learning more about it and how it can benefit health and genereal well-being. Bought some Lavender oil to relax and destress.. I just love the energy after sniffing the oil.

Also on a 4 weeks detox. My detox is all back to natural food. Eat as normal and exclude all meat and dairy products and starch from my diet. Eat more fruits, vegetables and tofu products. Have been strictly on this diet for 2.5 weeks. Benefits? Bowel movement more regular, feel lighter, less tired and lighter. Think i have reduce abt 2 kg so far.