Monday, March 30, 2009


Check out, Malaysia premier contest site. It lists all the contests available and with additional info and link to the website. Comping has never been easier.

Wanting some lady luck in this economy crisis, had submitted a few entries to the contests with the prizes i fancy. Now i sit back and relax while waiting for Mr Postman to send me the winning letters.

Friday, March 27, 2009

SK II DermDefinition Essence Film

I had the opportunity to try the latest SK II's product, Derm Definition Essence Film. Thought that i can get the sample and use it at home with my own mask, but the sales lady mentioned that the demo with the essence film must be done at the SKII counter.

So instead of trying the essence film on my spots on the face, i tried it on my right hand, making me felt my precious hand after the 15 minute treatment. Well, because my right hand was 'rich' with SKII essence, serum and moisturisers ..:) Miraculously, just like the 'Miracle water', the film melted under the SKII mask after 15 minutes leaving my skin soft and supple. Until now, i can feel the softness. The 'power' of the essence film is equivalent to 7 drops of DermDefinition serum, making it a very concentrated 'cure' to lighten spots.

Various steps were included with various usage of SKII products which would be summarised in the photo I managed to capture from its official site. Enjoy and head towards the nearest SKII counters to have a feel of this latest product.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Gem of Life

This long 80 episodes drama sure will teach us some important lessons in life, in relationships, in getting what we want and the methods used to achieve them. TYB dramas is a good source as life teacher. Besides entertainment, it teach us or rather awake us that certain things in life are more important than $$$, status, materials.

Sometimes we are so focus on certain goals that we lost focus of the bigger picture, of what really matters most to us. We live life once and therefore must make sure that we live life to the fullest, not how long we live our life in term of years, but how FULL we live our life on a daily basis.

When was the last time we have a pet, when was the last time we help people in need, when was the last time we took a break and pamper ourselves? Sometimes we are just on automatic gear and forget to stop and ponder about how we can be better. Personal development is important and is a journey which everyone should embark on.

Lets take a break and ponder on our 'Gem of life'. I am sure we can find many...:)

Leadership Development

A lot have been said about Leadership, and we need it at home and at work. Read some good books recently in this topic worth sharings.

1.Who Says Elephants cant Dance -Louis Gertsner (IBM)
2.StrengthsFinder 2.0 - Tom Rath
3.Strengths Based Leadership - Tom Rath
4.Now Discover Your Strengths - Marcus Buckingham
5.First, Break all the Rules - Marcus Buckingham

All this while we are so focus on closing our gaps that we have not focus on our strengths. It is important to know our strengths and build on them for greater success. For some of you who are curious about your top 5 strengths, grab the book 2,3, or 4 which come with a access code to do the test online and find out your top strengths.

As for me, I am Positivity, Learner, Woo, Input and Connectedness. No wonder i can get lucky to win some prizes in contests, hehehe, because i am always positive (or am I?)

Some Lady Luck is Following me recently

In 2009, started back my passion in comping(entering contests). A bit lucky lately.
1.One month membership in California Fitness + 1 fitness session with instructor + goodies bag worth RM1650
2.1 year of Kenny Rogers meal
3.Tickets to watch Malaysia Golf Open 2009
4.Beaubelle(Swiss) Skin Renewal Program worth RM2500 at Starhill Gallery

For those of you who are also wanna try some luck, check out the latest contests at Good luck to you.