Wednesday, May 07, 2008

What's New in 2008

Looking back, it was a while since my last post which was in Oct 2007! Since then, life is on the fast wheels for me. Everyday is live to the fullest, though always occupied but it is worthwhile. Took the HR professional certification in Oct 07 and just completed in mid April 2008. Almost at the same time, I started my MBA in Jan 08 and now is the revision period for exam in mid June.

With 5 assignments for the HR cert and 6 for the MBA, aside work and quality time for my girls, most time spent on these assignments. Really learnt a lot during the process. However, time mgmt was a bit bad and I hope to improve in the next semester so that i wont suffer the last minute rush like now.

At work, the project almost come to the end, with some enhancement and finetuning here and there. This is the first time involve in such a big scale project. Learning curve is aplenty during project period. Now I understand how some consultants prefer to work in projects and not support as there are always new discovery every now and then. But i am the stable type and though I dont mind working in projects, i prefer support, so that I have more time to spend with my darlings.

So fast, almost half of 2008 is gone, looking back, this year much time is spent on academic and project at work, its time to slow down and smell the roses along the journey. Will plan some time for some 'ME' time going to spa, massage and just daydreaming.... cannot remember the last time i have the time to daydream...

HeRcules Project dinner

Had dinner at Upekka Cafe, PJ with CSN consultants and Maybank HR community.