Sunday, September 16, 2007

It's a Beautiful day

Today is Monday, the start of the working week again. Arrghhh, this is the beginning of the struggle again. Anyway, would make the best of my Monday, as it is the start, a good start will make a good ending.

Will be On leave on Friday, so thinking from the bright side, am only working for 4 days this week. Gosh, a lot need to be achieve, and with a strong mind and determination, i believe i can do it.

Attended a training session recently, Touched abt personality. I am the strong Sanguine type(details check it out at Bluntly said, i am the type born to be a 'fickle-minded' person. And the good news is this type is the 'cheerful' type. So what the heck, as long i am a happy person!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fasting month

Today is the first day for the Muslims to start fasting for one month. Time to be more considerate and thoughful especially when eating so as not to eat in front of them.

And the best part is there will be many food stalls in the evening selling various types of delicacies which are only available during this month.

Hmm. i know i am contradicting with myself. One moment say want to diet, the next is talking about food. But hey, what the heck, i want to achieve both, although this means will take longer time for me to see the diet result, and life is suppose to be enjoyable, not suffering huh?

Growth on my Right Jaw

Yesterday, suddenly i felt some pain on my right jaw. When i ran my finger on the jaw, there was a lump as big as a kidney bean on it. Oh Gosh, hope it is not something malignant! Recently there are a few people that i know has been diagnosed having cancer in different parts of the body. And ill-thoughts have then start filling my brain...

What if it it cancerous?
Oh No, i have two small and lovely girls
I have not been to Taiwan yet
I am still in my twenties and there are so much more to achieve

Praying hard that mine is not [touch wood..touch wood] cancerous.

Sunday, September 09, 2007


In our life, there are so much of attachment. To detach from the things that we love is not easy.However, in order to live a simple and happy life, i have learnt to detach. Especially material items and friendship that is not going to blossom anymore. To clap we need two hands, and trying to clap with one hand is a futile effort.

As SIRIM officers are coming to my workplace for an audit, i took the opportunity to 'clean' and 'detach' all the unnecessary items on my desk. Gone to the shredder, ABBA file and into the drawer. Hmmm.. i wonder whether i will open and look at the things again...

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Performed a colonoscopy to examine on my chronic constipation. Found the cause of my IBS(irregular bowel system); due to my 'longer than normal' large intestines. Doc said that due to this, my intestines can 'keep stock' up to a week, compared to the 'normal stock' of 2 days.

Colonoscopy is the endoscopic examination of the large colon and the distal part of the small bowel with a CCD camera or a fiber optic camera on a flexible tube passed through the anus. It may provide a visual diagnosis (e.g. ulceration, polyps) and grants the opportunity for biopsy or removal of suspected lesions.

Definition courtesy of

Anyway, was relieved as it did not show any peculiarity or growth that will eventually turn malignant. Was given RM 400++ worth of medicines to 'normalize' my bowel system which is called as 'Lazy Bowel System'.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Signs of Aging?

Lately my memory seems to deteriorate. Perhaps it is the sign of aging , or the effects of the epideural that i used during my labor? Oh my, i am only in my twenties years 'young', just feel the sign is too early.

Am thinking how to improve my memory skills. Play sudoku, mahjong or pop some ginkgo into my mouth?

Fitness and Lifestyle

After become a 2nd time Mommy, somehow or rather fitness seems very important to me. It has become something of top priority in my life. Because i want to live to 80 years 'young'(instead of old) and see my girls grow up, graduate, work, get married and have children so i can become a grandnanny...:)

Try to make it a point to exercise 20 min 4 times a week. With the gym at my workplace now being open during lunch break, there is more 'space' for me to squeeze time to exercise. And the good news is that the Management is planning to add another 15 exercise machines. Oh... I am more than motivated!


Everything happens for a reason. Been talking but procrastinating about a detoxification session for myself. With the TruDtox hamper that i won, there is no reason to put delay but to commence immediately.

For some of you that do not know how detox will help the body, check this link:

Lady Luck is Back...

Have not been engaging in comping(enter contests) since Emmy joined the family. Recently, i was reading a health magazine and there was an article on detoxification . Thought of trying the product and since it came with a contest, i filled in the details to try my luck.

Forgot about the contest until i received a letter saying that i had won a RM148 hamper on the detox products. Great! Just came at the right time as i planned to buy that product next week.