Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Clinique 3 Step FREE

Got the 3 step one week supply sample by joining the Clinique online community. If you are interested, login to Friendster and register as member to be entitled to a one week supply of the 3 step-15ml each of cleanser, toner and moisturiser.
Of the 3 step, i like the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion the best and you can see that i have use half the bottle already. As for toner, i feel some 'tingling' sensation whenever i use it so i seldom pat it on my face. As for cleanser, it is the same texture as Neutrogena which i am currently using and can get from pharmacy, usually keep for trip back in Malacca as they are in mini size.
I especially like the mini size 3 step and the logo 'C' , just like my name, 'C' for Christina..:)

Lady Luck is with me lately

Rene Furterer hamper worth RM270 consists of Okara shampoo, hair mask and 2 bottles of leave in conditioner. Have tried the shampoo and mask, leaving my hair supple and soft. The prestige salon is now opened in Pavilion. Thanks to the timely arrival of the hair care products. Given me time to contemplate whether to chop off my hair or keep them long.
I won this hamper because my letter to the editor was the Letter of the Month - March for MWW magazine. Shared some of my gratitude towards the magazine and some ideas for improvement. I have been growing together with MWW, from single to now being a Mommy to 2 lovely girls.

4 pieces of special screening of X-MEN, WOLVERINE. at 930pm Midvalley on 28 April 2009. Couldnt make it so gave them to my colleagues. Hope they enjoy the movie.

Clinique Moisture Surge 7ml FREE

For those in Klang Valley, go to Midvalley and have a skin consultation by Clinique and you will be entitled to the best seller Moisture Surge 7ml worth RM30 free! Move now.

Stila Catalogue

This is all Stila normal products, exclude limited editions and festive seasons. Not sure that after Patriach takes over, they will retain the same range or not. Tribute to Stila...
(click on each image to see the bigger version)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Stila Rejected Items

I went to Isetan @ Gardens Midvalley to make some change in the Stila products. Those are the ones manufactured in 2005 and 2006. They are
1. Kajal eyeliner in Pearl
2.Kajal eyeliner in Tiger
3.All over Shimmer in Pink(#6)
4.All over Shimmer in Bronze(#9)
5.Limited edition eyeshadow in Mystique

For Stila fans, please check the manufacturing dates of your items, especially those buying in bulk. If you are buying from Gardens Isetan, Joanne is willing to collect back them as rejected item and you will be given Isetan voucher/letter worth of the rejected items value.

Item 5 was only RM30 but it was billed RM50, so altogether i got back Isetan voucher worth RM200. It will last for 3 months. Will be using them for Isetan sales in mid May 2009.

Thanks to Joanne for being kind to let me to change the rejected items. She would be transferred to RMK Pavilion. Now that Miu has informed that Stila has changed 'hands', hope that there is another company willing to sell Stila in Malaysia.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Juvanex - Detox and Win

For some of you beautiful ladies out there who wants to detox to reduce some bulges and cleanse the internal system, try Juvanex as it also comes with a contest to a breakaway to Cameron Highlands for a relaxing weekend. Check out the details at

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Stila Buys Part 3

Contouring Trio, famous for use to sculpt/shape the face, to make it beautiful, ie slimmer face, sharper nose, higher cheekbone, 'not-so-round' face. Learn to master the skills via Youtube and Hoola! its a beautiful new pretty lady. It comes in 3 shades, a guide and magnetic booklet form. And the large mirror is simply marvellous to make touch-up on the go.

Similar to Stila's loose powder, this Illuminating Treatment Powder comes with a slides-on brush on the cover. As its name, it has shimmers with the powder, making skin glow and radiant. And the icy cooling effect upon applying this powder onto the face is just as refreshing.

Fondana eyeshadow, in green and brown is a nice eyeshadow color. Stila's E/S are all very smooth and easy to glide on the skin and they simply last longer. Illuminating tinted moisturiser is useful for some light makeup as it comes with some shimmers to brighten the face. Finally got a Kajal eyeliner in 'Tiger' aka brown but the manufacturing date was 2005! sigh sigh.. hai... got what i wanted but the date has since expired. Need to bring back to Stila to change.

Here's my tribute to Stila, ahem.. with the larger collections and a hole in my pocket, heheh:)
For Stila fans out there especially Miu and Von, thank you for the sharings and news and updates. Wish everyone happy with their buys and experience getting the items.

Stila Buys Part 2

For the beauty of the eyes and lips. I especially like the 'Kitten', its a lipgloss that shimmers, and has lovely Vanilla flavor.

Stila collectible item 'Pomegranate set', which comes in a lovely box. When opened, the 5-in-1 items are neatly packaged in a silver evening clutch. The word Stila is embroidered in the bag. Another must-have Collectible for Stila fans! The 5-in-1 items includes a Quad-eyeshadow in Lilac colors, Pomegranate crush- a lip/cheek color, similar to Benefit's Posietint/Benetint that leaves a glow on the cheeks, mascara, Convertible cheek/lip 'Orchid' which gives a natural pinkish shade, and a All over body Shimmer.

Am excited over another Must-have collectibles! The trio-eyeshadow+1 cheek color comes in a lovely booklet, just like one of the Stila girls printed on the tins. The set comes in a protective sheet , just like what we see when we open chocolates. The set also comes with a IT lipgloss in pinkish shade.
Check out my next Part, hopefully the last part!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Stila Buys Part 1

So happy on my Stila buys. Anyway, emotional buys too much and willing to sell some off. Email me if you fancy anything.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Clinique Beauty Boot Camp and chance to win Sony Cybershot

Check this out. and you are on your way to win a Sony Cybershot, and get better and smoother skin. check the details here

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

April is Assignments month

Will be having another assignments month in April. with this submission then can relax a while before preparing for finals in June 2009. Assignments are more challenging and complex. Hope able to pull it through till 30 April for the submission on time.

Nutrition and Health Fair

Went to Midvalley during the weekend and there was the Nutrition and Health fair. Managed to do some blood tests for cholesterol and glucose level. Both are normal, cholesterol is 4.9 and glucose was 3.8. Blood pressure was low. Recommendation: Exercise more to maintain the BMI within healthy level (below 25)

Dragon I RM1 Chicken

Stila 70% Sales

Went to KLCC Parkson and grab some Stila cosmetics at up to 70% off. The reason for the cheap sale was that Stila was 'restructuring its financial' and even the website was closed from getting more clarification.

Managed to buy the following at 60-70% off.
1.Tinted Moisturiser at RM50(normal price RM130)
2.Illuminating Loose Powder at RM60(normal price RM140)
3.Dua Eyeshadow at RM25(normal price RM76)
bought pink/orange, blue/brown, red/bronze
4.Eyeshadow palette at RM30(normal price RM50)

The sales will be on till end May 2009 while stocks last. Check it out if you are interested.

Big Whale here i come..

National Geographic and Astro was having joint promotion in Midvalley. Took the opportunity to snap a photo with the big whale. Wow!

Delifrance Spaghetti 50% off

Had a meet up with Peiyun at Midvalley. We had spaghetti since there was promotion on the spaghetti, off 50% . Ordered creamy sauce spaghetti, sambal udang spaghetti and black pepper lamb spaghetti. yummy~Quality was maintained although there was a 50% off normal price. I think the promotion is still valid for the month of April and while stock lasts each nite.

Biotherm and Loccitane Freebies

Got some samples from Loccitane and Biotherm.

From Biotherm, it is the 3-step(Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise) sachets came in a beautiful mini folder. It is a whitening regime. Will blog more once i try it.

For Loccitane, received the Immortelle's Eye Balm 1ml and 5 Essential Oils conditioner 8ml. Have tried both. The eye balm has creamy texture, protecting the eye's area from fine lines and crow's feet. As for the conditioner, it smells good with the essence of the aromatherapy oils leaving my hair soft and nice.