Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Latest Prize from Female/Asience and some other photos

Sunplay hamper worth RM100, consists of sunblocks, lip glosses and a after sun mask. Sunplay/Cleo promotion.

Not from any contest but i got this mini size Clinique products from their promotions. Got the 3 step consists of cleanser, toner and dramatically different moisturiser(yellow mini bottle), mini size Moisture Surge, one of their best seller to lock in hydration, and a Superdefense cream with SPF. Not in the picture is the latest freebies; a mini size All About Eyes cream, similar to the Moisture Surge mini jar(light peach jar)

Got this mini size Kanebo set as a freebies set when i made purchase to the original size. I like the toner under this range, good for sensitive skin and reduce redness. In this mini series (from left) cleansing oil, clay cleanser, toner, smoothing cream(for nose), moisturiser and sunscreen.
The next few photos are my Clarins collectibles, got them as samples as Clarins believe in letting clients to test their products and some are freebies when i made Clarins purchases.

Stage beauty hamper worth RM384, that includes a makeover and a photo shoot.

Elemis (UK high range) brand with generous and 'sincere' freebies that comes in beautiful cosmetics bags.

Mentholatum hamper worth RM100. Promotion of Women Weekly/Mentholatum. If you notice, it is the same company for the Sunplay hamper which i received earlier.:)

Revlon beauty hamper worth RM233 comprises of some of the latest Beyond Natural products; ie the Dual blusher and lipstick in baby pink. Also includes a nail polish, lip glaze, double extensions mascara and a metalic eyeshadow, which i dont think is available in Malaysia.

And one not redeemed:
Won a Asience (Japan shampoo range) hamper worth RM100. It was a promotion with Female magazine. Looking forward to try this new shampoo. Will get courier service to collect it for me..:)

Cool huh..:)

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Contests Won Lately

Won 4 contests lately..:)
1. Mentholatum product consists of lip balms and sunscreens worth RM100(6 items)
2.Revlon beauty hamper worth RM233 (6 items) consists of the latest Beyond Natural ranges
3.Elemis(London's luxury brand) anti aging products worth RM500
4.Sunplay products (highest sunscreen ) worth RM100

Will share some photos later!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

BonusLink Members Day

Bonuslink and Clarins are having promotions. Head to Parkson on 31 July 2009 to earn 5x points and also go to Clarins counter for a free skin consultation and get 2pc samples for free.

Been a Clarins user and love their products and treatments. Paradise does exists on earth. Clarins is loving up to its tagline.

Shape/Stage Cosmetics Hamper

Picture courtesy of ParisB from mywomenstuff.

I won the Shape/Stage hamper worth RM 350! Stage is a new cosmetics brand touching ground in Malaysia and has makeup stores in Midvalley and Pavilion. My beauty hamper consists of
d.Single eyeshadow in navy blue
f.Makeover and an instant photo worth RM100

To Lose 5KG became Fattening by 5kg

Due to whatever reasons ( i also dunno), i have gradually gained 5kgs instead of losing the final 5kg to reach my ideal weight.. huhuh..... now i have to lose 10 kg in order to reach my ideal weight. Thinking a lot lately, but does that add to the kilos? I donno....

One thing for sure is i must start shredding the kilos, 10kgs is a lot!!! Help!!!

Clarins HydraQuench New Products

Katafray, the natural plant which helps to hydrate the skin, from Madagascar.
The new range of HydraQuench products launched.

Thanks to Janice, Store Manager at Clarins Parkson KLCC, I was invited to their launch party at Alexis, Gardens for a beauty session introducing their latest range of hyration products.

And thanks to Beetrice, i found some pictures so that i am not uploading similar pictures but link to her blog. She has done an extensive coverage of the new products.

At my session, Erin shared some slides on importance of hydration and how Clarins new range can help to retain water in the skin. There were skin test on our hydration level, demo on the hydration mask and how to apply mask effectively via a paper mask.

Door gifts includes a travel size HydraQuench mask(15ml) worth RM27 and a complimentary facial treatment 'Hydration from Madagascar' worth RM135. As i managed to answer a question on what is their famous products since the 1950s(the massage oil; Anti Eau, Tonic, Relax), i received an additional Hand and Nail Cream(30ml).

Cleo/Sunplay July Contest

When i purchased Cleo August 2009, i found my name as one of the winner for Sunplay promotion. yay yay! Been an ardent reader since 1994, i find it super hard to win a prize from Cleo. The last one that i won was a Mikka hamper, that was like 4-5 years ago?

Wow! will check my mailbox more often looking for the letter from Cleo...:) Wonder what is the products from Sunplay? Hope to get one of its top SPF30 sunblock.
Will I get one of this? pleaseeeee.... Thanks to Cleo/Sunplay.

Thank You Tammy!

Thanks to Tammy, in conjunction with her blog anniversary celebration, I won 2 of her contests; special prize and an online version prize. I received this Bodyshop Spa Book, which have detail information about DIY spas, easily can be done at home.

Being a loyal Bodyshop fan myself, this Spa book is really a gift from Heaven. There are various focus areas for home-made spa, using mostly products which can be bought from Bodyshop.

For beautiful feet.
Every portion will have 2-4 pages.
Simple and practical guide.

Beside the Bodyshop Spa book, i also received Stila's single eyeshadows; in lovely pink(Fever) and dark brown.
It comes in a lovely pink Stila card.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Free Vouchers

Clinique's birthday vouchers, consists of treatment and makeover vouchers.

Dome vouchers, in replacement of Dome Loyalty card which they have discontinued.

Double Celebration on Father's Day

Its father's day and my dad's and my birthday on Father's Day this year. Had dinner at Haukee's restaurant. First time ordered the 'Peipa'(stuffed) duck.

Many faces of Elly and Emmy

Had red wine with soda, and macadamia cake. New haircut for a 'younger' me, and gift from sis-in-law-Skin Food's milky hand cream and Estee Lauder latest perfume miniature, White Linen Pink Coral.

Famous Fish Head Bee hoon @ Cheras Flat

Finally tried the ever famous fish head beehoon at Cheras Flat. Ordered the mixed steam and fried fish beehoon. Verdict: Just delicious! Will make a come back.

Birthday Celebration at The Pub, ShangriLa Hotel

Me, happily showing my leather wallet, gift from Sky. Thank you for the thoughts and gift. Light make up complimentary from Estee Lauder, Isetan KLCC. Thanks to Peggie for the wonderful natural make-over.
3-course dinner with free flow pop corn on the house. Me having salmon and Sky having Steak - 70% cooked. Sumptuous, But the raspberry moouse cake was so-so only.
Mushroom soup for Sky and fresh salad for Myself. Breads are complimentary. Happy hour so can get the drink at buy 1 free 1.

Mdm Ee's Farewell

With colleagues in Leap30. Farewell to MCG too!
Lil gift from Mdm Ee to me, a FISH keychain. Remind me to have Fun, Play, Make a Difference at work.
Mei Lin, our boss and Mdm Ee
Khaireny, Mdm Ee, Chris and Suhailee

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Female July 2009 Challenge -Lose 5kgs in 5 weeks

Would like to take up Female's July 2009 challenge in quest to lose 5kgs in 5 weeks. Have been losing 10 kgs for the past one year and since then the weight is stagnant. Will try up the new ideas shared by Female and hope to be able to reach my ideal weight by end of the year.

Thanks Female for the sharings and adding on 'Signature Experiences' for me as your loyal readers. And also motivated by the beautiful people participating in the Butterfly Project. Hope to enter the project next year. Same time now, i will organise my own Butterfly Project and see myself transformed into a healthier and trimmer me...:)

Will share more of my progress later. Start on 1 July 2009, end by first week August. Wish me luck!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Playing time with my girls

Back to hometown, spend more time playing with my jewels. Our games? just balls. Found two balls at home so we went to Ah-mah's garden and play catching balls, kicking balls and basically just having fun together.

Initially Elly just let the ball rolled to her hands and she was scared to grab and catch it. Later when she see how i did it, she learnt the skills. Now she can catch the ball!

Also took a stroll in the village and Elly joined the 'kampong'(village) boys and girls in a game of 'chopping ball' fun. Being the smallest there, she said she was ignored by the kakak' and 'abang' , but nevertheless, she did enjoyed herself very much.

Planned to walk to the end of the village to see the sea, but the area was locked, looked like is a private area. Elly wanted to go there because she mentioned about the lion dance there during CNY this year. Hope the area is open again in CNY next year.

Little Bob Hair cut

How do you think of my new hair cut?

Thanks to my Boss, Mei for a 'transformational' birthday gift. Had my long hair cut short, i mean just enough hair to cover my ears length. Till i share the pictures later.

Thanks Mei, for the nice birthday gift and i love it very much. Its time to change and been contemplating for quite some time. Now with the birthday gift, i have a good reason to change hair style..:)

Envy me huh? What a cool Boss...:)

Opportunity Cost

So much to do and so little time. Wonders how come some people says they are bored because nothing to do. To me, there are so much to do, to see, to taste, to experience i hope that i can buy some time as i buy vouchers for friends. So that i can get my family and friends buy me some TIME vouchers.

Gatherings, team building, movie outings, warehouse sales and shopping sales, learning Mandarin, etc etc. Given choice, i really wanna go and experience and achieve my goals on all above, but with the standard 24 hours a day, guess i have to play with little economics- call opportunity cost. A ittle gain here is a little lose somewhere else, simple principle.

huhuuu.. Have to make some wise choices which is hard, most of the times. hmm... wiser wiser..

Thursday, June 25, 2009

San Zi Jing 三字经

Learning San Zi Jing 三字经 and once i master will teach my girls on it. Its like moral and good early childhood education for toodlers.

Birthday gifts for colleagues and friends

Amily, Rosalind and Fareen. Happy Birthday! Many happy returns and hope you guys love the lil gift and the hand-made card that me and lil Elly made..) Simple gestures to friends as they age gracefully.

Happy Birthdays!

Skin Food Products

It is from Korea and I first know Skin Food from sis-in-law(hubby side). She is using the BB cream(toner/moisturiser/sun screen all in 1). On my birthday, receive a Skin Food 'Milk Smooth Hand Cream' from sis-in-law(bro's wife). Funny isnt it, its associated with my sis-in-laws when come to Skin Food.
Milk Smooth Hand Cream
See some good reviews on internet too, will visit Skin Food counters and see their range of products. The hand cream i am using is just so pampering. Its milky, just as the name 'Milk Smooth', and once applied on my hand, my skin is so soft and smooth. Now i am applying it every now and then, how? by leaving it in the office, in front of the PC screen. so it wont go out of sight, out of mind..:) http://eng.theskinfood.com/

Clinique Birthday Voucher

Thanks for the Clinique vouchers for my birthday which i received yesterday. One of the voucher, Clinique's Mini Pampering Treatment plus 1 pc treat worth RM100 is expired on 30 June 2009 and i just received it yesterday. The other voucher,Clinique Personal Makeup Workshop worth RM100 is expiring on 31 July 2009.

Am trying to negotiate to get the one expiring on 30 June to be extended to 31 July at least so that i can sample the pampering treatment (facial for 30 minutes using Clinique products)

For some of you want to get this birthday vouchers too, register at friendster.com/cliniquemalaysia. You will get updates to their latest promotions and upon register, you will receive 3pc of their best-sellers 3 steps(Cleanse, Tone, Moisturise).

Julin from Clinique called and for my special case will make an arrangement so that i can select the Clinique counter that i wish to have the Pampering treatment. Cool! Well, will do that after back from my trip. Thanks Julin for taking up this and deliver excellent customer service. This is the 'extra mile' that Customer service should do , rather than Sorry, the terms and conditions applied and cannot be superseded...bla bla bla.. Great job, Clinique.

Coolest BOSS on earth!

How many of you have the experience of a cool and nice Boss? Cool and nice to me is the way as a subordinate feels appreciated, can share ideas and creative solutions and feel cared about personal development and given the chance and opportunity to be ourself and do job align to our values and aspirations? I do. My current Boss(Mei) has given me the opportunity to do what i always wanted, in the field of people/leadership development.

And for my birthday, she is giving me a 'surprise' gift. Well, i say surprise as it is really surprise. She will bring me to her hairstylist and ask me to 'believe' him and let him change my hairstyle. Well, been on long hair(bra-hook length) for 2 years and time to change. Surprise surprise! Will share the pictures later after i experience the surprise.

Birthday gifts

Cute Teddy and my favorite Zebra flower. Thanks Mdm Ee for the lovely gift.
Cute piggy cup cake from Yeemei, so cute...

After a scary week last week, i like seeing the world in new pair of eyes, with a new mind and heart. I am happier and pledge to make ppl around me happier and let them know that i appreciate them, esp those with big impact to my life. With my birthday wish/goal to reach my ideal weight. Health is still the most important gift i can give myself.

Receive some birthday wishes and gifts from friends and family. Thanks to those that wish me a good birthday. Will age gracefully and embrace the beautiful life that i have. Leather wallet(Sky), Skin Food's Hand Cream and Estee Lauder's White Linen perfume(sis-in-law), Pasta cookbook(YMei), pastel green Tupperwares(Rajes), Birthday treat(Maria and Rog), beautiful Zebra with a cute teddy bear bouquet(Mdm Ee).

Thank you for the gifts and most of all the 'heart-prints' you leave in my heart, giving me a more colorful life on my short existence on this world.

Jogging in the Park

Yesterday was the first time i jog in the park this year. The feeling was so good, seem like ages since i last jog in the park. The beautiful scenery, the lake in the middle of the jogging track, the small fountains and basically the nature made me realise so nice to be able to balance work and life. Will arrange my time and workplan so that can have more weekdays jogging in the park.

With my plan of exercising 3 times in the gym during lunch at gym in my office, and perhaps one/twice jogging in the park, i will reach my ideal weight soon, by end of year, i hope. And Female July 2009 also features on losing 5kgs in 5 weeks..sounds interesting. Let me see their plan and see whether i can follow it.

Dome Vouchers

I shared earlier that DOME promised to send over some vouchers as 'compensation' to the member fees that we paid and the membership has been revoked(Melium Group change some business strategy). I received them. Got alltogether 7 vouchers, 6 on beverages and one on the chocolate cake. Love the cake so much! Yay yay! Looking forward my next trip to DOME and enjoy some complimentary drinks.

En Shahril, the Customer Service Manager sent me a short note, wishing me Happy Birthday and there is a letter too with DOME letterhead. just so sweet to receive that. He also attached a Melium grp brochure on the promotions they are having, like 40% sales on brands like Aigner, Tod's, Farah Khan, YSL etc. Thanks once again En Shahril, for your excellent service! Wish you well.

By the way, the food in DOME's are nice too, have tried a few of them. yummy~

Contests Won

Checked the post box few days ago and was happy to receive two letters that i won some contests.
1.Stage/Shape December 2008 contest - a cosmetics hamper worth RM 356.
Wow! That's a lot of money. Had sent a courier to collect it from BluInc.
2.The Star Cloves Xmas Wish List
- i did not recall much on this but i received the letter that thanked me for participating in the contest and get condom packs. huh?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Birthday Wish-Reach Ideal Weight

Made a wish on my birthday this. To reach my ideal weight. I know sounds ridiculous, but want to prove that with hard work and perseverence can achieve it. Now weighing 60.6kg, increased 2kg due to exams stress lately, with burning midnight oil and late supper.

Will update how i am progressing as writing down what is in mind will make us nearer to the goal. is it true? I dont know so want to prove it.

Done 40 minutes gym today on biking and strength ball. Yesterday went to garden with lake for briskwalking. Will be more aware and careful on food intake. Had oat and Tesco chocolate drink for lunch and Gardenia chocolate bread for breakfast. Chewing gums when not eating so i dont stuff snacks into my mouth.

Hope by Xmas this year can reach my ideal weight of 53 kg. Wish me luck

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Plusizekitten giveaway!

Miu is having another giveway. Check it out! The gift? Two Stila eyeshadows in pink and brown. I love Stila eyeshadows, so will try it again. Its a random pick so just try my 'luck' here.
Many thanks for Miu to organise so many contests and give freebies in her blog. Such a nice gesture to give than to receive , rite? Hope to see more interesting stuffs in her blog and learn some new makeup tips from her.

Update 3/7/09:
Have won this gift from Miu. Thanks for the lovely gift.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Cool Maybelline items to giveaway!

For the third prize,
one lucky reader will get:

Fruity Jelly Lipgloss worth PHP 129
Moisture Extreme Pink Lipstick worth PHP 299
Watershine Collagen Shimmers Lipstick worth PHP 369

For the second prize,
one lucky reader will get:

EyeStudio Vivid & Smooth Eye Liner worth PHP 359
EyeStudio Eyeshadow Quad worth PHP 449
Unstoppable Curly Lash Extension Mascara worth PHP 349
And for the first prize,
one lucky reader will get:

Clear Smooth Minerals Liquid Foundation worth PHP 499
Clear Smooth Minerals Powder Foundation worth PHP 599
Clear Smooth Minerals Blush worth PHP 499

Thanks to Topaz Horizon, she is organizing a contest in conjunction of her 3rd anniversary for her blog. Happy Birthday, Frances!

3 Series

Just like BMW 3-series, me entering the '3-series' is a significant accomplishment, not so much of the physical age but what i have experience and encounter so far. Happy birthday to dear me and I promised to live my life to the fullest and create a 'signature moment' everyday.

Scary Week 2

As the scare of Elly is not enough, Emmy, my younger girl is diagnosed with HFM(hand, foot and mouth disease). As it is contagious, so we have to separate the girls. Emmy had ulcers in her mouth and some rashes on her palms. She had mild fever on and off.

With some antibiotics and rests given, Emmy has recovered. Being a Mom is really a permanent job, and the scares is every now and then. Honour to all Moms who have manage to bring up their kids. And thanks to my Mom for all the sacrifices all this while. Experiencing this scary week make me realised that materials are not at all significant when there is a health threat to the family.

Scary week

Elly had swollen and bleeding gum for the past 1 week plus, so decided to bring her to see dentist after seeing a general doctor shown no signs of improvement. The dentist, Dr Sum explained that he seldom had 'serious' cases like this and suggested that i bring Elly for blood test. and shared that he had one patient whom had similar symptom and later diagnosed with leukimia(blood cancer).

My heart almost dropped when i hear that though is only mentioned as worse case scenario. Little do i want my lil girl to be associated with such disease. So after paid him and get some gargle solution(which i think is not of much help), we quickly went back to Dr Leong & Ho's clinic to get a panel doctor's referral to Pantai Hospital for a thorough blood test.

The doctor on duty was Dr Leong and he was the opposite of Dr Sum and looked calm and asked me not to worry, saying that it wont be leukimia after checking Elly's and asking a few questions and checked her lymph nodes all over her body. However, as I insisted that i want a blood test, he did one immediately and we need to wait 10 minutes for the result.

The 10 minutes was like 10 years(well, i am exaggerating here..) but the worry and pain of thinking my lil girl having leukimia was just too much. Perhaps i was too paranoid, and Sky was calm and even can go and buy some Twiggies for us to eat. And Elly was extremely obedient when Dr Leong took some blood from her, she did not cry at all. Perhaps she has Sugus strawberry sweets in both her hands.

After the '10 years wait', Dr Leong called us into his room and shared the result. He was teasing Elly and calling her 'Pretty Elly', since Elly was initially friendly and bubbly talking to the doctor. Phew, i was sooooooooooo relieved when Dr Leong shared that Elly's white blood count was normal, and no signs of leukimia at all. But she is a little anaemic, thus the Thalasemia test will only be known after one week. As I myself is a Thalasemia carrier, so she might inherit my genes.

Thank God that Elly is not diagnosed with leukimia. It all happened like less than one hour but thinking back if the blood test was positive, I wont be sitting here and updating this blog now. I just like getting a wake up call that God asked me to appreciate people around me now.

Elly was just having scurvy, lack of Vitamin C illness as she dislike vegetables and my Mom seldom feed her fruits like oranges and bananas with scare of phlegm for small kids. Being put on Vitamin C supplement and with a oral aid given, Elly is much better now.

Special Prize from Plusizekitten

Thanks to Miu, i received a special prize in conjunction of her blog anniversary celebration. Always amaze by this wonderful lady, have all the energy in the world to cover the best warehouse sales in town and sharing of some other interesting experiences.

And because of her, i have my BIG collection of Stila brushes, which is not possible without the closing down sales. And now the last round, 5 items for RM50, i made my last grab at Parkson Pavilion.

Thanks again Miu, for brightening my day and your gift will be my belated birthday gift too..:)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Plusizekitten

This blog entry is dedicated to Plusizekitten in conjunction of her blog anniversary celebration. Miu, the author is a cool blogger, giving coverage on things close to the ladies heart, freebies, great bargains and warehouse sales in town. Best thing for her to hear is that Malaysian Women Weekly's team are also followers to her cool and informative blog. What an impact that Miumiu has created in our lives.

Wish her a happy birthday and her blog will be more famous and fabulous, creating a win-win situation to Miumiu and also us the readers to her blog, as she aims for more readers to visit her blog, and me and other readers to get more coverage on the best bargains and beauty happenings in town.

I have been in some virtual conversation with Miumiu a few times via gchat and gmail and she is a down to earth and friendly gal despite her popularity. Some of the personal 'achievements' of mine being her blog follower including value buys of Stila items, Clarins, Clinique's Confession of a 'makeup-holic' freebies, Kotex pink box set(which i bought 4 just because i love the pink polka dots boxes).

Miumiu, Thanks from my heart for the 'signature experience' that you have added to me for all that you have done. Your sweats, 'bau bulu ketiak' and patience in hunting the warehouse bargains and updating us are worth it. You are just simply 'fanta-bulous'! Happy Birthday!