Monday, July 31, 2006

Life's Beautiful

Just want to share that Life's Beautiful today and everyday. Have a nice day!


Was on a day off last week. After taking Elly for her check-up and left her with the baby-sitter, i took the whole day shopping-alone in Times Square. Well, it being a week-day, and it was a last minute decision, so i cant 'grab' a friend to join me.

Well, i must admit that no matter what is your status changed to, as long as you are a woman, you just love to shop! I manage to buy a new turquoise jacket and a flowery dress in white. And the retail therapy was so fantastic, i must agree with Karynn. I dont feel back-pain or lethargic anymore..:) Well. at least not until now...( i think it is the post-effect of shopping). So if you think you are feeling ill, can try go shopping..haha!


Went to Oi Mee's house for potluck cum gathering cum housewarming. Her apartment located in Alam Damai. Long time since have time to attend gathering. The camaderie was great and with this bunch of 'crazy' friends, i know that i will never have a boring time.

These are friends of mine since Form 6. So we had known each other for emm... i think 10 years, a long time actually... And best thing is their company is always fun and full of laughters, esp from the host, Oi Mee. From her, i learnt to be more happy and optimistic in life. From her, i learnt to lead a simple and happy life.

As we are busy with our own life, catching up with old pals were really a refresher and time that i looked forward to. And of course, i must thank Sky for taking care of Elly when i was out having fun with my pals...:)

Some photos to share . Click here.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Life is Short...

A senior manager at my workplace passed away in a freak car accident. The car that he was in was hit by a tanker and set the car on fire.

This is not about how careful are you on the road, as when accident happens, no matter how careful you are, it still happens. Deep condolence to his family.

I have learnt that life is short, and while we are still breathing, make an effort to lead a happy and quality life, as we would never know what will happen the next moment...

Monday, July 24, 2006

Comping (Joining Contests)

Another of my passion is comping(entering contests). But again lately, attending to my darling has taken up most of my time. Not to say to comp, even spending time to read is also lesser.

Have listed down some great contests(those with exciting prizes) for myself to participate in the coming months. Here are some of them.
a. Shopping in Hong Kong Contest (Star paper contest)
b. Win a Smart car Contest(spend RM 55 in Giant)
c. Johnson&Johnson Cutest Baby Contest (buy some baby products)

Need to log off now as I need to get some inspiration for contest a. which is closing tomorrow. And hope I will be the one chosen to represent Malaysia to go shopping in Hong Kong!

Blues and Blessings

While i was in the Clinic today, i read an article on 'Blues' and another article on 'Blessings'. Although these 2 words also starts with 'B', the meaning are so extreme. One talked about the moody and uneasy feeling when face with dilemma, difficulty or challenges. On the other hand, the other word means gratefulness and hope/light in the events that have happened in our life.

If everyone feeling 'Blue' can try to include 'Blessings' in it, i am sure that we can see new light/'eureka' in the mishap or boredom that enters our life.

'Blues' or 'Blessings' ? It is up to us to decide...

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Novel House Closed Down

I have been frequenting this Novel House since my secondary school. It was located in Kotaraya. I went there this afternoon to check out whether it had some latest books on shelf.

To my disappointment, the bookstore has been taken over by a shop that sells bags. Before my delivery of Elly, I had borrowed some books there to be read during maternity leave. However, until now, i am still reading 2 of the 5 books borrowed. To my dismay, the closed down bookstore means that i have lost RM 100(deposit).

Anyway, look at another perspective, i can have all the time to read the books at leisure, and not rushing to finish the books in order to get back the deposit. Lately, have lesser time to spend on one of my passion, that is reading. Hope that, as Elly is growing up, i have more personal time on my own..:)

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Make Someone Happy

Happiness is contagious. When we are happy, it shows and without realising, we will 'pass' the happiness to people around us.

Bought a small gift for my colleague, Bashira. It is her birthday today. Actually, dont really have to wait for someone's birthday to send gifts.

A small gesture will definitely make people around us happy. A phone call to an old friend, an e-mail to drop a Hi, small donations for the blind, share food with colleagues etc etc. The list is just endless.

Welcome to New Blog

Welcome to Beautiful Life, my new blog. And the address of the blog is because I feel that our life is so 'spicy', with so many stories to be untold. With a little 'twist' here and there, we can turn it to a 'beautiful life'. So hmm.. now you know how I come up with such creative names...