Monday, June 22, 2009

Scary week

Elly had swollen and bleeding gum for the past 1 week plus, so decided to bring her to see dentist after seeing a general doctor shown no signs of improvement. The dentist, Dr Sum explained that he seldom had 'serious' cases like this and suggested that i bring Elly for blood test. and shared that he had one patient whom had similar symptom and later diagnosed with leukimia(blood cancer).

My heart almost dropped when i hear that though is only mentioned as worse case scenario. Little do i want my lil girl to be associated with such disease. So after paid him and get some gargle solution(which i think is not of much help), we quickly went back to Dr Leong & Ho's clinic to get a panel doctor's referral to Pantai Hospital for a thorough blood test.

The doctor on duty was Dr Leong and he was the opposite of Dr Sum and looked calm and asked me not to worry, saying that it wont be leukimia after checking Elly's and asking a few questions and checked her lymph nodes all over her body. However, as I insisted that i want a blood test, he did one immediately and we need to wait 10 minutes for the result.

The 10 minutes was like 10 years(well, i am exaggerating here..) but the worry and pain of thinking my lil girl having leukimia was just too much. Perhaps i was too paranoid, and Sky was calm and even can go and buy some Twiggies for us to eat. And Elly was extremely obedient when Dr Leong took some blood from her, she did not cry at all. Perhaps she has Sugus strawberry sweets in both her hands.

After the '10 years wait', Dr Leong called us into his room and shared the result. He was teasing Elly and calling her 'Pretty Elly', since Elly was initially friendly and bubbly talking to the doctor. Phew, i was sooooooooooo relieved when Dr Leong shared that Elly's white blood count was normal, and no signs of leukimia at all. But she is a little anaemic, thus the Thalasemia test will only be known after one week. As I myself is a Thalasemia carrier, so she might inherit my genes.

Thank God that Elly is not diagnosed with leukimia. It all happened like less than one hour but thinking back if the blood test was positive, I wont be sitting here and updating this blog now. I just like getting a wake up call that God asked me to appreciate people around me now.

Elly was just having scurvy, lack of Vitamin C illness as she dislike vegetables and my Mom seldom feed her fruits like oranges and bananas with scare of phlegm for small kids. Being put on Vitamin C supplement and with a oral aid given, Elly is much better now.

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