Monday, June 29, 2009

Opportunity Cost

So much to do and so little time. Wonders how come some people says they are bored because nothing to do. To me, there are so much to do, to see, to taste, to experience i hope that i can buy some time as i buy vouchers for friends. So that i can get my family and friends buy me some TIME vouchers.

Gatherings, team building, movie outings, warehouse sales and shopping sales, learning Mandarin, etc etc. Given choice, i really wanna go and experience and achieve my goals on all above, but with the standard 24 hours a day, guess i have to play with little economics- call opportunity cost. A ittle gain here is a little lose somewhere else, simple principle.

huhuuu.. Have to make some wise choices which is hard, most of the times. hmm... wiser wiser..

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Anonymous said...

people are bored simply b'cos they aren't like you! you maybe the happy go lucky type, don't expect others to be like you!