Monday, June 29, 2009

Playing time with my girls

Back to hometown, spend more time playing with my jewels. Our games? just balls. Found two balls at home so we went to Ah-mah's garden and play catching balls, kicking balls and basically just having fun together.

Initially Elly just let the ball rolled to her hands and she was scared to grab and catch it. Later when she see how i did it, she learnt the skills. Now she can catch the ball!

Also took a stroll in the village and Elly joined the 'kampong'(village) boys and girls in a game of 'chopping ball' fun. Being the smallest there, she said she was ignored by the kakak' and 'abang' , but nevertheless, she did enjoyed herself very much.

Planned to walk to the end of the village to see the sea, but the area was locked, looked like is a private area. Elly wanted to go there because she mentioned about the lion dance there during CNY this year. Hope the area is open again in CNY next year.

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