Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Female July 2009 Challenge -Lose 5kgs in 5 weeks

Would like to take up Female's July 2009 challenge in quest to lose 5kgs in 5 weeks. Have been losing 10 kgs for the past one year and since then the weight is stagnant. Will try up the new ideas shared by Female and hope to be able to reach my ideal weight by end of the year.

Thanks Female for the sharings and adding on 'Signature Experiences' for me as your loyal readers. And also motivated by the beautiful people participating in the Butterfly Project. Hope to enter the project next year. Same time now, i will organise my own Butterfly Project and see myself transformed into a healthier and trimmer me...:)

Will share more of my progress later. Start on 1 July 2009, end by first week August. Wish me luck!


Miu said...
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Miu said...

i lost 5kg because I am broke from all the shopping.. lol...especially since stila sales!!!