Thursday, June 25, 2009

Coolest BOSS on earth!

How many of you have the experience of a cool and nice Boss? Cool and nice to me is the way as a subordinate feels appreciated, can share ideas and creative solutions and feel cared about personal development and given the chance and opportunity to be ourself and do job align to our values and aspirations? I do. My current Boss(Mei) has given me the opportunity to do what i always wanted, in the field of people/leadership development.

And for my birthday, she is giving me a 'surprise' gift. Well, i say surprise as it is really surprise. She will bring me to her hairstylist and ask me to 'believe' him and let him change my hairstyle. Well, been on long hair(bra-hook length) for 2 years and time to change. Surprise surprise! Will share the pictures later after i experience the surprise.


Miu said...

wow can't wait for your makeover!!!

fabulous boss!!!

sounds like from "The Break-up" when Jennifer Aniston's Boss ask her to go find XXX n he will do her up so good the x-bf will be salivating.

Lovely girls said...

hahahha, nah, mine is not like that. still have a loving hubby ..:)