Thursday, June 25, 2009

Birthday gifts

Cute Teddy and my favorite Zebra flower. Thanks Mdm Ee for the lovely gift.
Cute piggy cup cake from Yeemei, so cute...

After a scary week last week, i like seeing the world in new pair of eyes, with a new mind and heart. I am happier and pledge to make ppl around me happier and let them know that i appreciate them, esp those with big impact to my life. With my birthday wish/goal to reach my ideal weight. Health is still the most important gift i can give myself.

Receive some birthday wishes and gifts from friends and family. Thanks to those that wish me a good birthday. Will age gracefully and embrace the beautiful life that i have. Leather wallet(Sky), Skin Food's Hand Cream and Estee Lauder's White Linen perfume(sis-in-law), Pasta cookbook(YMei), pastel green Tupperwares(Rajes), Birthday treat(Maria and Rog), beautiful Zebra with a cute teddy bear bouquet(Mdm Ee).

Thank you for the gifts and most of all the 'heart-prints' you leave in my heart, giving me a more colorful life on my short existence on this world.

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